SØNDAG 16.12.2012
1300-1415 Vikersund – Røyken og Hurum Menn 4 div.
1430-1545 Vikersund 2 – Hof Damer 5 div.

12 thoughts on “Kamper SØNDAG 16.12.2012

  1. “I guess we should just let them close Maywood then and let our community identity further erode with mostly empty school buildings that you can show off to prospective families who may be looking to move to the area”Our current community identity is a bunch of crackpots who care more about blowing money on half empty buildings in the mistaken belief it will prop up property values than we do about actual education. Yeah, wouldn’t want that identity to erode.

  2. Even though these did not live up to your expectations, your photos make it look fantastic. I really love these at Chat Thai. However, I am quite skeptical about the Chat Thai recipe. It is a bit all over the place and the instructions are poor. My mum made it and it was very chewy and tough and became stale very quickly.I doubt the recipe they hand out is the actual one that they use.

  3. "The effort on this board to ignore McWhorter has been rather obvious,"You must be new here. McWhorter has been raked over the coals many times by Steve. Google it. As for the rest of your post, blah blah blah. We're quite familiar with the endless excuses from the HBD-denial crowd. It's all been refuted before yet you show no knowledge of the debate, whatsoever.

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